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The Premium SnackSurprise Box

£24.99 / month

The Premium SnackSurprise Box comes with the coolest and best tasting snacks from around the world – including hand picked sweets, chocolates, biscuits, crisps and a lot more. Each months box is themed after a different country. The country of choice for a particular month and the snacks are a total SnackSurprise! – for example, on month A and B, you may receive the best tasting snacks from Japan and America, respectively.

The Premium SnackSurprise Box contains 20+ full size snacks, including 1 or more drinks.

Your first box will be shipped approximately on the *28th of January* and then subsequent boxes will be shipped on the end of each month.

Plans automatically renew, cancel at any time.

Shipping is free for addresses in the United Kingdom. Shipping fees will apply for addresses outside of the United Kingdom.

We will donate a percentage of the profit towards a cancer charity when you buy this box.


To buy more than one box, you must place separate orders.

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20 reviews for The Premium SnackSurprise Box

  1. Kaileb power

    I hope its good

  2. Alfie Reed


  3. Alfie Reed


  4. Jess Howard (verified owner)

    love it

  5. Angela Walker (verified owner)

    Received my first box today, Absolutely love it.
    The box is completely full of snacks to try. Just have to stop myself from eating it all in one day. Looking forward to next months box.

  6. Amy (verified owner)

    Started this subscription as part of my other halfs birthday gifts, its probably one of the best gifts I could have found for him. We’re on our 3rd box and we love it! Its great value when compared to other site selling products from abroad and free delivery, although the contents are a surprise we have always enjoyed the majority of the items. If you like snacks and aren’t afraid of trying new things, definitely give this a try. The items are always well in date and have never had any issues with the delivery or damaged products.

  7. Jonathan Lamb (verified owner)

    I have tried other snack box offerings before from Snackcrate and a few other companies, but I cancelled my subscription to them after discovering snack surprise. Snack crate comes in a nicer packaging but essentially offers exactly the same service other than a fancier box, but they charge an extra £5 to include a drink and an extra £15 for exactly the same number of snacks in the larger size boxes. So at £20 less for the same thing apart from the a less impressive exterior box, it was an easy decision for me to stick with Snacksurprise and cancel the other service. I had similar experiences with other providers. I’ve also found that Snacksurprise has been reliable in it’s postal dates and so I know when to expect it each month,rather than having to guess with some other companies

  8. Maria

    I love it

  9. R H

    I have received 3 premium boxes so far and have loved it all.

  10. niclas bowen

    After endless searching for a subscription box I finally found snack surprise. We just received our first box (premium) and my first reaction was the quantity of the items . They don’t short change you at all !! The items were a good mix some I loved others threw my taste buds into overdrive and that is exactly what I wanted, to try new things . I would 100% implore you to get this box guys you will not regret it

  11. Cherry Lynn Orange (verified owner)

    Absolutely love all the boxes I have had up to now (premium so I have received 22 snacks per month and all are tasty and eye opening. So glad I subscribed, in fact with the first box I received from Denmark, I quickly subscribed for a 2nd one cos it was so good.

  12. Beth Newberry

    This will be my first order I have 3 boys with special needs and they love learning about new countries and there snacks so this will be exciting all round

  13. Ashlea looms


  14. Stephen Colling

    Just got 1st original size box. Feel disappointed that I didnt order the premium size. Upgrade soon. All items good.

  15. Donna jones


  16. Victoria Surgenor (verified owner)

    So far we’ve all loved our boxes, such a fun thing to do as a family. It feels like experiencing the world from our own little home.

  17. kashu82 (verified owner)

    10/10 Excellent Variety of Snacks

  18. Nathan (verified owner)

    I love receiving these boxes, the excitement of not knowing what you will find is great.

  19. poppy.kya.baxter (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this!
    Had a few boxes now and am always so excited about them! Each months snacks are so thought out and varied, such a unique idea!
    Was disappointed not to be able to travel the world this last year but with snack surprise, at least I can try their foods! 🙂

  20. sophiagonz

    Amazing snacks with a great selection! A lovely treat!

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